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Host Family Story in Orlando Sentinel : Sanford Mayor Provides Summer Players A True Home


The host family program is a vital part of every collegiate summer league team across the country. The Florida League is looking for generous families willing to open their homes to our players for the 2016 summer. We at the Florida League believe the quality of people who live in the Central Florida area will provide our players the necessary hospitality for an enjoyable summer.

Host families take a player(s) into their home over the course of ten weeks during the season
. Players arrive during the first week of June and generally stay through the second week of August (at the latest, depending on playoffs). As a host family, it would be your responsibility to provide your player with a stable, clean, and healthy environment for the duration of the summer. Because many of the players will be stretched financially during the summer, host families with the ability, means, and thoughtfulness to provide a few meals each week to their players would be particularly desirable.
About the Host Family program
·         The ideal number of players per host family is two, although one is great as well
·         Players arrange their own transportation to and from the ballpark
·         Players need access to a washer, dryer and refrigerator  
·         Be aware that players return home from games between 10:30pm-Midnight
·         Keep in mind these will be college students between the ages of 18-22
Each player in the Florida League is pursuing his dream of playing in Major League Baseball. Players are recruited through their college baseball coaches, and all of them have agreed to maintain impeccable moral standards, abide by NCAA guidelines, and be a role model to our fans. If any player’s actions, on or off the field, are not congruent with these standards, we will ask them to pack their bags and return home. We believe that living in a family’s home is a privilege the players should respect and appreciate.
The benefits to committing to the host family program are significant. First and foremost, you would be assisting young men in their pursuit of playing professional baseball. Many players and families form a bond that extends well beyond one summer of baseball in Florida. As a host family, you will become part of the Florida League “family”. Each host is provided with complimentary season passes, so they may travel to both home and away games to see their boys play. You will also have the option of being compensated financially at a rate of $50/week per player in return for your generosity.

Becoming a host family for the summer is a big responsibility. Therefore, we will make our players and our host families as compatible as possible to avoid potential problems, and that requires an application process. Before applying to our program please carefully consider the information provided in this letter. Then, if you are willing to proceed, please contact us. We truly appreciate your generosity and commitment to these young student-athletes. 



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The Florida Collegiate Summer League (Florida League) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that operates six teams in Central Florida. Founded in November 2003, the Florida League provides a place in the Sunshine State for top college players to play pure wood bat baseball against top-level competition in a festive community atmosphere. The Florida League is one of twelve leagues supported and partially funded by Major League Baseball and is one of eleven leagues affiliated with the NACSB - an alliance of college summer wooden bat leagues that follow NCAA rules. The Florida League has been named one of the top leagues in the country by Baseball America.



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